Other countries – other customs

Travelling abroad

A considerable part of all the complaints or requests for intervention that are sent to the Ombudsman are based on «conditions» found on location by the traveller. It is very sad to notice that many travellers have no preparation or prior knowledge at all for their trip to their chosen destination or holiday location. (We didn't know that Cyprus is an island...). They are surprised by all the new impressions they have to deal with.

Our habits and standards at home are seldom reached in foreign countries. Other mentalities, habits but also other natural courses of action have influence in the way of living as well as the rhytm of life. This requires tolerance, flexibility and adaptation but as well understanding and respect for the cultural and religious habits of the local population. That also means a correct and adequate handling when problems occur on location.

Please be reminded

  • Travelling abroad means widening of the horizon and a deliberate change in your own way of living and daily rhythm.
  • The more time you invest to get to know your holiday destination before you make the booking or before your departure, the better you are prepared and the fewer negative surprises you will have on the spot.
  • Try to enjoy your holidays all the way – don't search for the smallest matters which might not correspond to your expectations.

Attention Security Control at the airport

Unfortunately more and more valuables are stolen at the various security controls on airports worldwide. Do never put your watches, valuables or wallets open in the boxes for screening. Put them for this moment only in your jacket or in your carry-on luggage.