Online bookings

Tips for buying online

Cheap bargains might turn out to be scams – If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Before you buy online, read our tips to make sure you are safe, secure and that you get the best price:

Use retailers, booking companies and services you know about – or ones that have been personally recommended to you. Don't assume an internet company is based in Switzerland just because its web address has an «.ch» in it – check out the physical address and phone number. See if you can find a quick link to the Consumer Contract. Does the company belong to any of the money protection funds required by swiss law?
Online bookings are generally handled by computers only, interventions by «humans» afterwards are very difficult if possible at all. Are you sure that you have found exactly the service you desire?

Before you buy online

If you have to give your E-Mail address, make sure the address you quote is correct and you can receive mail. Is there enough memory available in your mailbox? Do you regularly check our mail?

Important informations by most of the airlines or other travel partners are dispatched by electronic means, i.e. robots. You might have to adapt your SPAM-filter accordingly and check your spam-bin too!

Online bookings are generally paid by credit cards only! Make sure your there are sufficient funds on your card and the daily limit is not exceeded by the transfer. Otherwise your payment will not be accepted and the booking refused.

While making your online-booking

Read everything and make sure you fully understand it before you answer with a mouseclick. If you confirm that you have read the Consumer Contract, you cannot dispute its content later. Online-bookings «don't just happen» – if you have already entered your full address-data including the credit card number, it is no longer «just checking availabilities...».

  • Be very careful when using your mouse-wheel for scrolling – you might change data or dates!
  • Make sure you print every important part of your booking, you could also use «Print Screen»
  • Write down the number of the Phone Hotline in case of an emergency.
  • Check in every case and in every box if your entries are correct! Check the spelling of names, mail-addresses and credit card numbers.

Misspelled names can be very expensive if for that reason tickets have to be cancelled and reissued. How is the spelling in the passport or ID-card? For travel with electronic tickets it is essential that they correspond with the passport or ID-card. If you have to enter a phone number, make sure you have a voice-mail attached, so you may be reached for short notice changes, check that you are reachable during your holidays.

During your trip – flight-reconfirmation

Schedule changes or flight cancellations are very common these days. If you are travelling outside of Europe and for a longer period, it is very important that you reconfirm your flightdata well in advance – and on short notice again! – for any changes that have occured and to see if the times for your next flight are still ok. This is also recommended when you have made your bookings very early or a long time ahead of your flight. Make sure you leave your contact data again, i.e. your Mobilephone and E-Mail address.