Financial protection funds

Financial protection funds in Switzerland and Liechtenstein

In Switzerland and in Liechtenstein there are following renowned funds providing the legal financial protection of the customers money.

Please click on the logo and you will be linked to the respective website, where you will find all the participants of that fund. (external links; german/french only)

Garantiefonds der Schweizer Reisebranche

The Garantiefonds der Schweizer Reisebranche (Guarantee Fund of the Swiss Travel Industry) has about 1600 participants in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, travel agencies, touroperators or internet-portals, being providers for package travel according to the law. They have to stand up to the high benchmarks regarding professionality and competence.

Swiss Travel Security

Swiss Travel Security (STS) is the financial protection fund of the Swiss Association of Retailers (STAR). Swiss Travel Security has about 230 members. Important: not all Members of STAR however are members of STS, some have therefore no financial protection as requested by Swiss law.

Reisegarantie TPA

This is the financial protection fund of the Travel Professionals Association (TPA). This organisation has over 120 members, which are located mostly in the french speaking part of Switzerland.

Travel Guarantee Universal

Universal Flugreisen AG of Vaduz in Liechtenstein has its own approved financial protection fund.