That's how we work

That's how we proceed with your complaint

The intervention by the Ombudsman covers the following steps:

  • We check if the complaint form is complete and includes all the necessary documents. If not, we contact the sender and request any missing part.
  • We do check if there is a legal right for a demand of refund, and if the services rendered gave cause for a complaint.
  • We contact the other party for verification of the case. This involves e.g. details about the booking itself, whether any special requests have or have not been placed and granted in writing. Have all the neccessary information been communicated between the parties or not.
  • If there is a legal right of refund, we ask the other party for an offer to settle the dispute - if not we will contact the traveller and inform him and ask him to close the complaint.
  • Sometimes we have to get back to both parties again for clearing up any discrepancies.
  • With all the information and the background knowledge, we try to prepare and present a solution for a compromise, which both parties could agree upon.

In case such an agreement cannot be found, we inform the parties involved about possible steps.