How to get in contact

Your ways to get in contact with us

The easiest way for you is to send us the completed complaint form with all the details requested by regular mail, fax or by e-mail. We will then go into the matter and try to get the overview.

You can also contact us by phone – however you will certainly understand, that we can only give any statement after we have heard the other party involved as well.

We do not handle any anonymous requests. That's the reason, why we also ask for all your personal data, as address, phone number etc. when you contact us by phone.

When we get in contact with you

Normally we will call you by phone or e-mail and ask you to call us back. That gives you the opportunity to get your documents ready and prepare for our conversation. So you can choose your best time for the call. Most of our contacts appreciate this system very much, we have been doing it successfully for many years.