Insurance coverage

Check your insurance coverage in time!

There are insurances availabe for everything and against everything. Of course your can exaggerate your coverage – however as experience shows, most of the travellers do not check their coverage on important and essential insurances for their holidays!

Important points to consider:

  • the amount of cover and the insured sum
  • the insured persons
  • the insured geographical area, this is most important, specially for long-distance and overseas travel

Your travel agent or your insurance representative can give you the best advise!

Insurance covering cancellation fees

This insurance covers the cost for unforseen cancellation prior to departure due to illness, accident or death. There are various offers for combined insurances, covering e.g. incidents during the holidays or individual, not scheduled return.

In case of illness it is essential to immediately inform the insurance company in order to keep the costs low, otherwise the insurance company might refuse any payment!

Health and accident insurance

In Switzerland we have a compulsory health and accident insurance. The coverage partially includes the european holiday destinations. It is however most important to consult the small print of your insurance contract – or contact its agent. There are short time insurances covering these items for worldwide travel.

Insurance covering loss, damage or theft of luggage

This insurance is probably the most important of all, as there are unfortunately many problems involving your luggage. Normaly such an insurance is also included in your private household content insurance, the insured sum is however only very basic and very often not adequate.