Problems with air travel

How to proceed with problems involving air travel

When having problems with delays or cancellations of air transport your first step is to contact the involved airline direct and place your complaint. 

Air passengers within the European Union and Switzerland have strong and extensive rights, ensuring they are treated fairly if problems occur on their journeys. The EU legislation defines the level of compensation airlines must pay to the passenger denied boarding, and introduces rights to compensation and assistance in the event of cancelled flights and long delays. Please see the details given on the website of the FOCA (Federal Office of Civil Aviation).

If you have problems with your passenger luggage (delay, damage or lost) it is absolutely essential to present yourself immediately upon arrival in the baggage claim area at the Lost & Found counter and fill in a «Property Irregularity Report – P.I.R». Any claims hereafter have to be presented directly and only to the airline involved. Please retain copies of additional expenses for any refund.

Very Important: please have copies made for your personal file of any document you send to the airline.

Most airlines do not confirm the receipt of your complaint and the final answer from the airline might take weeks, even months, so your patience is very much asked.

The Ombudsman has limited possibilities to assist you with problems involving airlines!