The Ombudsman

The independent Ombudsman makes his free counseling services available to all consumers, having differences with the Swiss Travel Industry, not knowing how to solve them or not knowing their rights. His intention is always to find a fair and balanced solution for both parties involved.

The objective of the mediation is to find a solution out of court, which can be accepted in the mutual interest of the parties involved.

The Ombudsman is committed to a neutral view in any case. He represents neither the party that has asked for his assistance nor the other. Likewise he does not accept any instruction from either party, outside organisations or administrations.

The Ombudsman has no authority to give instructions for settlement. His recommendations to solve the differences however are so balanced that both parties should be able to accept them.

If one of the parties involved tries to influence the Ombudsman for a favourable recommendation with false or faked informations, he is entitled to halt the mediation at the disadvantage of that party and inform the other side accordingly.

The Ombudsman has none or just very limited possibilities to intervene or mediate in cases which involve foreign touroperators. This is very important to know when making bookings on the internet!